Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Twipasana & Conversations with Self


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Too much attention is nauseating and claustrophobic
Distracted parents raise distracted kids
Disconnect externally to connect with inner self
Deep thinking, deep studying leads to newer insights
Critical Thinking is a strength, preserve it despite shortening of attention span
Hyperconnected always on world is a Maya - illusion . 
Mortality is the only truth . We all will die one day
Make your stay on this planet a pleasant one for people who come in contact with you
Learn to love & respect yourself . Don't be reckless with self
Break some rules
Do a thing that scares you everyday
Live fearlessly
Learn Learn Learn
Observe , Read a lot
Dream a new Dream, work towards it
Play music 🎶
Reflect everyday
An attitude of Gratitude is the path to blissful living

Monday, December 7, 2015

The Best Seller She Wrote- Review by Ruchi Bhatia ( @rucsb)

How many times does it happen with you that you read a novel and you think – What the hell, How does the Writer know about my Life ? Well , this happened to me as I was reading “The Best Seller she wrote” by Ravi Subramanian , the best seller himself. This is the first book of Ravi that I read even though I have heard his name before and he has been famous for mysteries, thriller and banking series. ( God is a Gamer, Bankster, The Incredible Banker, What If God is a Banker) I tweeted- The Book is Unputdownable, not because it was mentioned in the book, the book really is engripping read, an engaging story. You wont rest until you are on the last page. And if you readers are lucky , you will get to read the sequel of The Best Seller she wrote soon. But Do remember and Thank me ( rucsb) , who asked him to write the sequel first. Here is my twitter review of the book in the Tweets Format. Tweet Exchanges with Ravi, All you Woman who have hots on Ravi feel jealous :-P

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Invited to Moderate #IHRChat and as Curator of the Month

Dear Friends, You are all welcome to Join me on twitter as I moderate an important discussion on @Ihr_chat on  25 Nov, Wed 7 PM IST on mental & emotional well being at workplace ‪#‎Ihrchat‬

If you missed the chat, here are the Insights and Storify version 

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The Powerful Woman

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Do you think an average  Women in India  feel as powerful after making the choices that she makes ? Her Life revolves around her Family, Kids, Home, Husband, Work/ Career . There is too much on her plate. And on top of that we expect them to feel Powerful too . Is it not asking for too much ?

Power is not about holding a Top Executive position at a Corporate . Power comes from strength within. Power comes from doing the right things and doing the things right. To me the Life story of an average Woman is as inspiring as Sheryl Sandberg or Kiran Majumdar or Indira Nooyi. She expresses herself  through the choices that she makes.  A Woman  delicately balances the demands of work and home without complaining a bit. She exudes confidence and charisma both.

Research shows that everyone does better when women share the reins of power. Ms Sandberg and Mr Grant wrote in their New York times Op-ed : “Start-ups led by women are more likely to succeed; innovative firms with more women in top management are more profitable; and companies with more gender diversity have more revenue, customers, market share and profits.”  This is a very strong case for Gender Equality. Do we perceive a powerful woman as threatening or aspirational, but normal ?

New Global Study Finds Women Making Hard Choices in an Increasingly Complex World. The research, which spans four countries, finds that women crave financial security over being rich, quality of life over longevity, family closeness over satisfying her own needs, and sleep or technology over sex. Sleep Over Sex and Privacy Over Sharing Are Among the Surprising Findings from the study.

May each Woman be what she aspires to be. Be it CEO of the household or CEO of an MNC. In either case, She will remain as Powerful and Graceful as she chooses to be. 

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Rise of Robots


Do you think about how will we prepare kids for Future ? 
What will Future jobs look like ? 

Read this intriguing piece by Abhijit Bhaduri

My comments 

Despite the robots, Humans with higher order skills, creativity, social, emotional intelligence, empathy will still find ways to rule the world. And put robots in places to get efficiency. Robots don't complain unlike humans and can work non stop. Currently the cost of disengaged employees to Corporates is huge ,runs into billion dollars. Save human labor for creative unpredictable work, pursue passions and use Robots for boring repetitive jobs. Encourage kids to play outdoors and play board games to learn to develop empathy, sense making, cooperation, social skills and strategy building skills. These skills demand premium. Regards, Ruchi @rucsb

  • Dr-Binduu Raathor Well said Ruchi , the worry is about humans acting like robots than the robots taking the jobs
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  • Ruchi Bhatia @ Dr Bindu ~ Humans are wired for belongingness, to find meaning in their lives, affection, crave for human touch, personal bonds and deep connection. An optimist outlook > robots taking over will entail humans in the quest to create more enriching lives for everyone around

    Sanjeev Jain Yeah but where will the clerical generation go and do !
    Ruchi Bhatia - They will have to evolve. Clerical generation have dreams too . We would not be able to enjoy luxuries in Life had it not been for clerical generation. Policymakers need to think about Equality and Equity both . And We would need people to write the code to make sure those Robots work , No ?
    Additional Reading 

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Digital Marketing Strategies

If you are a Social Brand Practitioner  or interested in Digital Marketing , you will greatly benefit from this conversation full of insights .

Read the detailed report on Digital , Social, Mobile Trends here

Digital In India, Aug 2015

Friday, August 28, 2015

The Depth & Scope of Recruitment Branding

Read the insightful article first by my Friend & Thought Leader  Gautam Ghosh on People Matters

The concept of “Employer Brand” has undergone a dramatic change in recent times. Content is shaping how people find and connect with each other. Organizations now have to become content creators to remain relevant. They cannot rely on external media—paid or earned—alone. They have to invest in creating “owned media”.  For an employer brand this means media that showcases the organization’s culture in the form of articles, presentations, videos on the websites, LinkedIn company pages, Facebook pages, Twitter accounts and YouTube channels. This is necessary as otherwise the average Joe will only see the reviews and ratings from employees and alumni on a wide variety of subjects ranging from culture to salaries to interviews on sites like Glassdoor.

@rucsb: 10 Must-Follow Twitter Accounts for All Things Employer Brand  http://t.co/2ivcvcdbID  #EmployerBrand

Lets fully understand the depth and scope of Recruitment Branding role to be able to equip people with the right resources and budgets to make a difference.It is a  mamooth task of " Making Company as the Employer of Choice" in the Talent Market which requires Budgets and Resources.  Recruitment Branding has been gaining traction and I assume there is shortage of Talent, and the "Experts" in the Market.  We have prgressive HR Professionals who continually reinvent themselves & invest time to acquire New Age skills ( Design Thinking, Social Media Marketing, Storytelling)  Let me debrief what is  Recruitment Branding. 

I hope some #Sketchnoter would attempt to make a Visual Sketchnote out of these thoughts .

Project Deliverables on 
Recruitment Branding + Social Media Management  + Digital Social Assets  Management + Content Marketing + Influencer Marketing + Branding Campaigns + Contests + Event Promotions + Advertisements + Careers pages management + Digital Branding + Blog Management  + Social Influenced Recruiting + Social Listening

Gaps  -
1. Recruiters may or may not focus on Applications on ATS  received through FB + Linkedin + Careers site. Currently not tracked on no. of ATS apps processed.
2.  All Recruiters are not  Social or Digital Savvy .
3.  Mobile recruitment - in initial stages , yet to evolve
     Talent Community -  Recruiters lack community management skills
4. Recruiters need basic education to  Spruce up their Linkedin & Social profiles and become Digitally Savvy.
Marketplace trends -
SMAC disrupting Recruitment & HR - 
Are  Recruiters ready and prepared yet, Equipped with new age skills  ?
Hunters and Farmers in Recruiting similar to Sales Model . ( Sourcing teams in place)
Talent communities as source of Talent pool / Talent pipeline
Conversations has shifted to online platforms - - candidates are talking about your brand, culture, hiring experience on Glassdoor / Facebook 
Communication Gaps with candidates in Hiring Process , if addressed provide better Candidate Experience.
Social Networks as the conduit  for Human to Human Marketing  / Influence the Marketplace conversations in favor of your Brand
Employee Advocacy -  Employees , Recruiters & Leaders  as primary Talent Ambassadors who represent your Brand on Digital platforms

Next  Steps -
1. Employee Advocacy - Employees and Recruiters as Talent Brand Ambassador - Tools like  Elevate from Linkedin & Meddle it   will help meet rubber on the road.

 2,  Influencer Marketing - Identify Influencers from the Business for Talent attraction .   Thats why collaboration with Marketing is utmost important.
3  Campaign Examples-  #ADayintheLife Campaign , #WhyIloveIBM Campaign, #WomenatIBM Campaign , #MyLifeatCapgemini, #AdobeLife.
4 . Strategic approach to Campus Branding to Influence & Attract  Top Talent 
( Leveraging Insights from Linkedin Talent surveys)
5 Content Marketing  - Paid , Earned , Owned Media . Then end of free social media marketing which means there is less engagement with Free Social Media and investments and Paid Media or Earned Media is the way forward .  Content Marketing Revolution has just begun. Nine out of ten organizations are now with content – that is, going beyond the traditional sales pitches and instead enhancing brands by publishing. 
6. Social Listening - Is Talent even engaging or experiencing  your Employer Brand ? or do they experience the Employer Brand mainly through Recruiters who may or may not have the full understanding of EVP ( Employer Value Proposition).  Is your EVP Employer Value Proposition clearly defined ? Brand storytelling is about why your company exists and  who your customers are , who you really are and what value you provide to internal and external customers  10 Foundational Elements of Successful Brand Storytelling

7. KPIs - Social Influenced Hires, Employer of Choice award / Linkedin Talent Suvery / Glassdoor Employer survey  / Candidate Experience / Social Listening, Offer to acceptance ratio 

Brilliant example of Talent Branding 

 Adobe's Talent #Branding Blog - http://t.co/cpkLyzbh0Q 1. Responsive Design 2. Easy Navigation 3. Rich Content #HR — Ruchi (@rucsb) August 27, 2015

IBM Jobs Blog http://blog.ibm.jobs/

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