Sunday, September 13, 2015

Rise of Robots


Do you think about how will we prepare kids for Future ? 
What will Future jobs look like ? 

Read this intriguing piece by Abhijit Bhaduri

My comments 

Despite the robots, Humans with higher order skills, creativity, social, emotional intelligence, empathy will still find ways to rule the world. And put robots in places to get efficiency. Robots don't complain unlike humans and can work non stop. Currently the cost of disengaged employees to Corporates is huge ,runs into billion dollars. Save human labor for creative unpredictable work, pursue passions and use Robots for boring repetitive jobs. Encourage kids to play outdoors and play board games to learn to develop empathy, sense making, cooperation, social skills and strategy building skills. These skills demand premium. Regards, Ruchi @rucsb

  • Dr-Binduu Raathor Well said Ruchi , the worry is about humans acting like robots than the robots taking the jobs
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  • Ruchi Bhatia @ Dr Bindu ~ Humans are wired for belongingness, to find meaning in their lives, affection, crave for human touch, personal bonds and deep connection. An optimist outlook > robots taking over will entail humans in the quest to create more enriching lives for everyone around

    Sanjeev Jain Yeah but where will the clerical generation go and do !
    Ruchi Bhatia - They will have to evolve. Clerical generation have dreams too . We would not be able to enjoy luxuries in Life had it not been for clerical generation. Policymakers need to think about Equality and Equity both . And We would need people to write the code to make sure those Robots work , No ?
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