Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Twipasana & Conversations with Self


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Too much attention is nauseating and claustrophobic
Distracted parents raise distracted kids
Disconnect externally to connect with inner self
Deep thinking, deep studying leads to newer insights
Critical Thinking is a strength, preserve it despite shortening of attention span
Hyperconnected always on world is a Maya - illusion . 
Mortality is the only truth . We all will die one day
Make your stay on this planet a pleasant one for people who come in contact with you
Learn to love & respect yourself . Don't be reckless with self
Break some rules
Do a thing that scares you everyday
Live fearlessly
Learn Learn Learn
Observe , Read a lot
Dream a new Dream, work towards it
Play music 🎶
Reflect everyday
An attitude of Gratitude is the path to blissful living

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  1. Wise words from a wise soul. Food for thought and scope for introspection.


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