Monday, September 17, 2018

Reinventing Work: How Coworking Spaces Are Changing Employee Performance for You

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Reinventing Work: How Coworking Spaces Are Changing Employee Performance for You

In the past, many assumed that coworking spaces were exclusively for use by small startups, entrepreneurs, and freelancers. This may have been the case for some time, but it no longer holds true. WeWork, for example, has already attracted major customers like Microsoft, GE, and Dell, to name just a few.

There are several reasons why large companies have begun to embrace the benefits coworking spaces offer. As coworking space owners use enterprise performance management to find ways improve the shared space, the benefits increase further. Here are just a few reasons why more businesses than ever are transitioning their daily operations to coworking spaces:

Boosting Employee Performance & Satisfaction

According to a recent survey, employees who are given the opportunity to work in coworking spaces instead of a traditional office are typically more focused, better able to meet deadlines, and more creative. They also claim they feel healthier than they do in other office settings.

Thus, giving your employees the opportunity to work in these spaces is an easy way to boost overall satisfaction and performance. This makes it possible to leverage the full potential of your strongest players while also reducing the likelihood that they’ll take off for another opportunity elsewhere.

Improving Overall Creativity

Steve Jobs was one of the most iconic managers in history. He also had a tendency to obsess over minute details and factors that may seem unimportant to other managers. For instance, Jobs was very involved in making sure Apple’s office design gave people from different departments regular opportunities to bump into one another.

Jobs believed, like many other business experts, that the sharing of ideas is key to innovation. Employees in particular, and organizations in general, stagnate creatively when they are surrounded by the same ideas. People become far more inventive when they’re exposed to new ways of approaching a problem.

That’s a reason why even major companies are making greater use of coworking spaces. By sharing a space with other professionals, employees get the chance to learn from them. This open communication results in unique and creative solutions to problems.

Flexibility & Priorities

Coworking spaces benefit companies of any size in one obvious, yet easy-to-overlook way: letting everyone focus on business tasks. When you have your own office space, there’s a good chance various employees in the company have responsibilities that involve making sure the space is well-maintained and optimized for work.

That isn’t necessary when renting out space at a coworking office. All the essentials, like heating and lighting, are already taken care of.

These spaces also give you the flexibility to choose how many employees work there, how much space you’ll rent out, and how much you’re paying for it. Coworking spaces reduce distractions and offer companies more options than they might find, or even have thought of, in a traditional office building.

Again, big businesses recognize this; consider following their example. No matter what kind of business you run, if you want your employees to be on task, satisfied, and more productive overall, letting them work from a coworking space may be the ideal solution.

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