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The Powerful Woman

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Do you think an average  Women in India  feel as powerful after making the choices that she makes ? Her Life revolves around her Family, Kids, Home, Husband, Work/ Career . There is too much on her plate. And on top of that we expect them to feel Powerful too . Is it not asking for too much ?

Power is not about holding a Top Executive position at a Corporate . Power comes from strength within. Power comes from doing the right things and doing the things right. To me the Life story of an average Woman is as inspiring as Sheryl Sandberg or Kiran Majumdar or Indira Nooyi. She expresses herself  through the choices that she makes.  A Woman  delicately balances the demands of work and home without complaining a bit. She exudes confidence and charisma both.

Research shows that everyone does better when women share the reins of power. Ms Sandberg and Mr Grant wrote in their New York times Op-ed : “Start-ups led by women are more likely to succeed; innovative firms with more women in top management are more profitable; and companies with more gender diversity have more revenue, customers, market share and profits.”  This is a very strong case for Gender Equality. Do we perceive a powerful woman as threatening or aspirational, but normal ?

New Global Study Finds Women Making Hard Choices in an Increasingly Complex World. The research, which spans four countries, finds that women crave financial security over being rich, quality of life over longevity, family closeness over satisfying her own needs, and sleep or technology over sex. Sleep Over Sex and Privacy Over Sharing Are Among the Surprising Findings from the study.

May each Woman be what she aspires to be. Be it CEO of the household or CEO of an MNC. In either case, She will remain as Powerful and Graceful as she chooses to be. 


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