Saturday, June 24, 2023

1% Better everyday

Can't we do away w labels & titles - Enterpreneur, Mom, CEO , Writer etc .When asked with a question - What do you do for a living ,What if we simply replied without any pretense ~ I Live ! ( Or I get 1% better at Living everyday 🤣) . That's going to be my New Mantra for Life!


I am a Corporate person who has turned inwards & now into spirituality so there is Cognitive Dissonance due to conflicting mental models. Is it ok to be at peace with what you have and not be Ambitious ? Because all anxiety arises when you feel that there is something missing. While the whole point of meditation is to be in the present . When nothing is missing, you are at bliss ! How to resolve this dichotomy ? I live with shame that i am not smart enough, intelligent enough, rich enough . Brene Brown has talked about shame in her Ted Talks. i have read her books and watched her ted talks . yet not able to overcome shame or guilt. if you know of methods to overcome shame something that worked for you , would be curious to hear about your approach.

Incompetent Cook

I am incompetent when it comes to certain tasks eg Cooking . Neither i have the ambition to be a Chef , or interest nor the proclivity to toil myself in kitchen and cook up yummy dishes. While I may have made peace with this inadequacy, i am unwilling to accept the fact that not being able to cook ( insert any other work activity for any other person ) is a character flaw because he/she refuses to put effort or mind in gaining that Expertise when the fact is there is lack of interest. We as OD practitioners can do much service by aligning People to right jobs instead of calling it a Performance issue.

Friday, May 12, 2023

Thoughts on ChatGPT, Recruitment & Job Descriptions

High number of (irrelevant) applications is an ineffecient recruitment engine. A good Recruitment funnel would look at all of these metrics . And good employer brand would ensure only qualified applicants enter the funnel . It's better to attract applications from 5 , interview 2 and select 1. Instead of getting 100 redundant applications. I am sure TA Leaders track these ( time to hire, cost of hire, number of applicants at each stage of Recruitment funnel) metrics closely and attach a dollar value to it. A good example of Job description. Include a summary of roles & responsibilities, qualification , a day in the life of the Role holder , experience, brief about company, candidate attriributes / personality that will be successful in the given role, your company values and mission , note on company culture , team pics etc :) I have been playing around with ChatGPT and Bard AI to write gender neutral and better job descriptions. How are you using ChatGPT in Recruitment / HR ?

Wednesday, October 26, 2022

My hot take on Moonlighting

Let me share my hot take on #moonlighting .IBM Chief has criticised it strongly. Would like to ask out of 100000 Employees , how many employees have the necessary Expertise to do Dual Jobs ?And what I do in my free time is none of employer business, if no conflict of interest. My hot take on Moonlighting. What % of population in India is doing moonlighting is the question ? 85% of MBA / Engineers don't have skills to be employed. 80% employees are burned out / overworked / stressed / mental health issues. So that leaves a really miniscule population (2-3% ) whose skillsets may be desirable by multiple employers. Many Companies are washing off their hands from taking ownership of Career Development . What options do extremely Capable and Competent Employees have ? If underutilized by current employer ? But to engage in Marketplace to earn side income. I know at least 10 Gen Z in India / Globally who don't want to work for a typical employer and chose to be part of Creator Economy . I don't have all the answers or solutions . But this #moonlighting is not a problem . We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them. It's a new trend to be embraced just like Infosys did. Over a period of time. It may lead to good attrition. Employees leaving one employer out of his own voilition and applying for opportunities where she finds fullfillment, meaning, purpose. Thinking from Employer Perspective - Employers have to protect Client data and Mitigate Risks. Data Security and Privacy is of utmost importance. Employers can't have loopholes or weak links to allow data leakage. Personal Example The more employers try to control , more itch will happen. Flexibility. Let employees declare in what capacity they want to moonlight and share full disclosure . For example . In IBM Leadership role, I informed my boss and VP HR that I love Public Speaking and get invited by Reputed Business Schools to deliver Guest lectures on HR. ( On weekends ) Sat mostly. As I was in Corporate Job , i did not ask for any Speaking fees from Business Schools . They showered momentos and certificates and honor. My employer was cool with it. As I had gained Trust. I signed double Non Disclosure Agreement when I was in Talent Acquisition Role so Data Privacy was of utmost importance to me and my Employer Trusted me to do right thing as i was in a Leadership role. It was a win win as in B Schools i was doing Branding for IBM. By sharing IBM HR examples with students. And i was reminded during discussion in HRGurukul Community that this is not moonlighting as i was not getting paid to do Guest Lectures at B School.

Friday, August 5, 2022

India HR Leaders to follow and Learn from on Twitter

 Twitter is a great learning tool for Business and HR Leaders. I have curated a list of Leaders you can follow and learn from . List in Alphabetical order 


Saturday, July 30, 2022

Living Consciously


I met an incredible Woman at Bir Biling ,Himachal , India recently who has a flying training school for Paragliding ! Paragliders from different countries come to India BirBiling and her school provides training to Paragliders . She has achieved some flying record too ! ( Certain number of hours of flying ). When COVID put restrictions on #Travel, She owned a Tea Farm at Biling and started growing Chamomile and made a product Chamomile tea and sells it to friends family, visitors and guests of the Resort ! Gave livelihood to locals ....such ( #Women) #Entrepreneurs stories are inspiring ! #India #Nature #worklifeintegration #meditation
The Experience at Living Consciously Bootcamp was immersive. I deliberately didnt blog about it and want to hold those soul connections and journey etched in my memories forever. Not everything needs to be said out loud, Right ? Let pics do the talking .... 
Remembered Faiz when I saw Chamomile plantation and Cherry Tree...
guloñ meñ rañg bhare bād-e-nau-bahār chale

chale bhī aao ki gulshan kā kārobār chale ..

1% Better everyday

Can't we do away w labels & titles - Enterpreneur, Mom, CEO , Writer etc .When asked with a question - What do you do for a living...