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Honored as Sheroes Mentor

Honored and Humbled to be invited by Sairee ( Founder, Sheroes) to join Sheroes as Mentor.  
after recognition as Must Follow Women Influencers on Twitter -  :-)

 Recently I got a question by Manisha who is looking for Career change and wishes to join HR. My advice to her :

Manisha asked:
Q:Hi mam.I have 1.4 years of experience in IBM India GBS as Abinitio developer.I am looking for a career change as a HR professional. Please help me regarding this.    A: Hi Manisha,

Thanks for reaching out. Glad to know you are contemplating a Career change. It is difficult though not impossible. You have to be prepared to start out as a fresher while making a career switch . HR is vast , you may like to begin as a HR Generalist and after gaining few years experience , you may like to specialize. Identify your real motivators for becoming a HR Professional. Get a formal education ( part time MBA HR ) or SHRM certification . Follow industry HR leaders. Join communities of Practice (HR) to learn about the field as much as possible. Mostly all HR jobs will require you to have some experience. However, few agencies eg into Recruiting may be willing to give you a break provided you bring the right skillsets, competencies to the table and demonstrate that you are the right fit for the job. First goal is to get entry into HR domain and then Make your way up afterwards. Acquiring certification is another way of signalling that you are serious about the profession. IIMs & XLRI and such institutes of repute offer HR certifications in partership with Hughes.

Sharing few resources with you for your perusal

1. WOWHR Community ( Founded by myself and my HR friends) -

2. My blogpost - Open Educational resources for HR Professionals

3. Honored as India's Top 100 Influencers to Follow on Twitter . My twitter id - @rucsb

4. HR Communities on Twitter

Hope this helps. Keep me posted about your journey.
All the best :-)



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