Wednesday, December 24, 2014

An open letter to HR Professionals

An open letter to India HR Professionals


Telecommuting is the Future of work says Meghan M Biro whose work I admire. The business case and evidence for telecommuting is piling up.  Telecommuting ensures less carbon footprint ( less burden on our planet earth)  , saves infrastructure costs for organizations, ensures higher employee productivity & job performance. 

Then why do Telecommuting roles are less common in India Corporate Inc ? 
Is it lack of awareness about the business case for Telecommuting,  lack of formalized HR Policy (Read What would HR Policies look like if they were based on giving ) , lack of manager skills to manage a virtual team or general bias towards telecommuters ? 
Talented candidates are seeking Flexi roles and Millenials want Career choices. 
Diversity is a business imperative across all organizations. Organizations are loosing out on diverse talent pool by not providing Flexi work options through HR policies. 

This open letter is a general appeal to HR professionals to consider the business case of Telecommuting in the context of your business, do through fact finding, evaluate and go through an informed decision making wrt Telecommuting.  Whether you are a recruiter, mid level hr professional, senior or C level Executive, you all play an important role to define the Culture of India Corporate Inc. HR Expert and Thought Leader Abhijit Bhaduri says Work from home has been increasing as an acceptable way of working rather than a perk.

Ask yourself few pertinent questions 
1. Am I thoroughly informed wrt Decision making for telecommuting  ? 
2. What role does Telecommuting play to influence the corporate culture in my organization  ? 
3. Do I need to  influence the stakeholders in my organization  ? 
4. What does my business gain by  tapping into untapped & Diverse Talent pool ? 
5. Is my workplace inclusive and diverse ? In what ways can I ensure diversity at my workplace ? 
6. What Skillset do I need to equip my managers with to ensure Telecommuting roles are a success in my organization ? 
7. Am I leading a  21st century organization ? Is the business culture of my organization suitable for candidates who seek out Flexi work options ?
 What cultural changes at workplace do I need to pursue ? 
8. What are the hallmarks of a Culture where Diversity thrives ? ( Read 5 elements of irrestible organization)
9. What do we do to make organizations engaging  for Millenials who want Career  choices ? 74% Millenials want Flexi work schedules.  The burden of lost productivity to disengaged workforce is immense and impacts us all. 78% Leaders rate engagement and retention urgent and important according a Deliotte Global Human Capital Trends research.
10. Would this move build credibility for HR professionals  in the Industry, with the business, amongst its stakeholders  ?
11. Am I creating a culture which makes my workplace well designed to be recognized as " Future of workplace" ?

In India, I am aware of two startups - PlugHR and Sheroes who work with Corporates for Flexi work options . Seek their counsel. Talk to Industry HR experts where Telecommuting is a norm. 

Look forward to hear your thoughts, concerns and comments. 
The author can be contacted via twitter @rucsb

Recommended Reading -

1. Abhijit Bhaduri's take on Telecommuting -

2. Lynda Gratton's Book " The Shift " 

3. Telecommuting Statistics- Global Workplace analytics 

4. 1.2 billion of total workforce ( approx 3 billion) worldwide Telecommutes

5. The Future of work has no boundaries by Meghan M Biro

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  1. Nice to head HR influencers advocating telecommuting with gusto. I couldn't agree more... in times to come this can become the differentiator for employers who want to provide flexible options to employees without compromising on work. And thus, the comment about viewing telecommuting and how to make it work in your environment, requires more than just a copy/paste or cookie cutter approach.

    Each industry and size of organisation carries its own idiosyncrasies when dealing with telecommuting. It will be interesting to see some diverse case studies.


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