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Thoughts on Leadership Development Program

What are the key expectations of Business Leaders , HR Leaders from participants after this program ?
Does performance gap exist in business in present situation ?
Are participants motivated to go through an extensive program ? ( Intrinsic motivation levels)
How much is peer support / Leader support available ?
What are the different forums for Leaders to bridge knowledge gaps ? Existing tools, methods, platforms, forums for knowledge sharing ?
What are the existing knowledge gaps of participants ?
Who can give us insights into the existing situation / as is situation at present ?
What are the expectations of participants from the Program ? ( In terms of knowledge building, skill & capability building )
What is the current motivation level of participants to complete this program ?
What is it that participants need to know which they do not know as present ? ( Knowledge gaps)
What are the main challenges Leaders face in their day to day operations ? ( Performance gaps)
What are the key skills participants would like to develop post completion of program ?
What are the new capabilities they would like develop as Business Leaders ?
Names of Leaders from business who have driven non linear growth successfully ?
What are the existing forums / methods for Strategic knowledge sharing ?
What are the current sources for gaining market insights, competitor information ?
Brief Profile of the organization ?
Roles and responsibilities of participants and their KRAs ?
Typical internal communications towards end customer deliverables ?
Typical customer engagements in Business .
Understand Business in depth ..( deck or presentation around same)
Understand Delivery process in depth ( deck or presentation around same)
Understand participants strengths and areas of improvement in relation to Strategic Alignment , Advanced Coaching, Customer Relationship Management
Understand challenges faced by participants in dealing with internal and external customers ?
What are the critical success factors for participants ?
What are existing tools, structure, processes in Business ( for this group of participants)
How would success look like to them ?
Key performance inhibitors ?
Assessment centre proposal with details ?
Who is the Facilitator who will facilitate X workshop ? Virtual or ILT ?
Who will facilitate Advanced Coaching session ? Content / Instruction methodology ?
4D of Execution - Content / role plays/ scenarios ? Details
Leader Broadcast ? What are the key themes ? What topics ? End goal ?
Anything else you think i should know .


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