Sunday, September 20, 2009

Web 2.0 & ROI

Anyone who has been in Corporate world for sometime would agree with me that more often than not , one of the buzzword which catches everyone attention is ROI, yet it is the most difficult thing to measure. Be it a project on Web 2.0 or quantifying efforts on L&D , training. Here is a simple, yet effective presentation which offers a paradigm shift wrt ROI.
Thanks to Manish for tweeting about it.

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  1. There is another way to deal with ROI for web 2.0 / social media. Making the initial outlay so very no brainer that the gains can only be on the upside.

    I know of social media consulting firms who are tying up with enterprise collaboration platform vendors who use open source to drive down the costs on Proof of concepts to the sub $ 20K level. Yes, Sub $ 20K.

    Here's a quick way to web 2.0 nirvana.

    1) Identify a proof of concept roll out that costs less than $20K

    2) Open the POC for a small group of people and allow brainstorming that could return specific ideas for cost savings and variables on which to measure ROI during a full roll out.

    3) This is when you touch ROI, choice of platform, etc.,

    You can dumb down adopting web 2.0. Keep looking..


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