Thursday, August 14, 2014

Social Media Challenge

Challenge & Goal -  To grow Facebook Followers and increase candidate engagement with IBM India Careers Page on Facebook


IBM India Recruitment has presence across all Social Media platforms on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin with large following.  IBM India Recruitment  Facebook page  had large following of 80K followers in April . To grow more number of followers was a challenge.

Strategy - Growing Facebook Followers was a challenge, so the fist step was to identify opportunities through a quick audit and analysis . In April, deatiled Social Media Audit and Analysis was done to identify the strengths,  opportunities and find areas of focus to develop IBM India Recruitment Brand.   Social Media Experts know that  Content is the glue that binds it all together on Social Media  . During audit, the findings were that a coherent Content Strategy was missing despite presence across all Social Media Platforms. A content strategy was followed and insights were leveraged & applied  from Social Bakers 2 research articles for  postings on Facebook.  These 2 research articles were particularly useful and insightful .

Plan of Action  -
On Facebook Recruitment India page ,  the Content calendar was followed for various postings . A simple plan  of action was adopted -   to remain consistent , post interesting relevant content almost everyday . Reflect on these questions if you are in a Social Media role -  Are you sharing stories or content which is relevant to your target audience ? What  updates do your followers like to receive ? What kind of stories would they believe and like to listen to ? Do you know who our followers are ? Do you know your target audience  ?

The variety of content  was posted on IBM India Recruitment Facebook page eg Campus Hiring Events details, Events that highlighted IBM India Diverse culture, Job postings, Interview series with Experts, Technology that IBMers are passionate about, IBM Apple Deal, Walk in Interviews, Career Tips, Interview Tips , What makes one an IBMer and visually appealing content.  This variety of content on a consistent basis helped not only build engagement with followers over a period of 3 months, but followers count also increased.

The Result - We witnessed 50% growth in our Facebook Followers in a span of 3 months. Facebook followers grew from 80K to 120 K in a span of 3 month. Moreover, this  Growth is organic, without paid advertising . In short, The key to success on social media is Meaningful and Relevant Content, Consistency , Research backed action, Time Investment and Purpose.

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