Monday, November 18, 2013

The Roads Less Travelled

  1.     On the journey of life, you will meet many fellow co-travellers who will  make the treacherous journey seem easy & be your friends for life. Know how to identify them.
  2.     We all travel together but it is the solo inward journey you make that count most.
  3.     During Moments of solitude  you will question about your beliefs, values, priorities and ponder about Identity, Ego, Love, Life, Sex and God
  4.     Goals and dreams are supposed to motivate you to get into action. At times you will run, walk, follow, lead or simply, take a pause to smell the roses and enjoy the view. Believe in beauty of goals and dreams.
  5.      You will feel inspired with deeds of good people and noble spirits. Your heart will be filled with gratitude and love for such souls. Be grateful for such people and experiences.
  6.     A bird does not sing because it has an answer. It sings because it has a song. There will be many moments when you feel like singing even when no one is listening because you will be overfilled with so much joy and love .
  7.     Small consistent steps count  and random acts of kindness will make you a truly noble human being.  At certain stage in Life, You wont act to impress others but for yourself , to scale the internal heights and touch the depths that you have set out for yourself.
  8.     Keep stretching the limits. No one but you tell yourself what you can or can not achieve.
  9.     People will judge you despite all the good intentions. Don’t take them seriously who are quick to jump to conclusions.
  10.     Narratives matter. Don’t let anybody else define you. Make your Life story worthy of being told over and over, a million times.
  11.     Create a quality of mind which provides a Zen like state irrespective of situations, surroundings or people. That will be your bliss. 
  12.     Some People will hurt you and some people will love you . Don’t stop believing in Love. Learn to forgive. For some people don’t  hurt you deliberately, the fight is with their own demons. Be forgiving and kind to people who hurt you.
  13.     Let your internal compass be the guide. You will  know which bridges to cross and which to burn. 
  14.     Pray. Prayers work wonders.
  15.      Sing, Love, Dance, Eat, Pray, Walk, Run, Get going. Chase your dreams. Dreams often come true.

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  1. Hey Ruchi, thanks for sharing. It was a good read and reminded one of the foundational principles of 'life'.


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