Monday, August 13, 2012

On Writing

I am naturally drawn to writers and writing. Is my affinity to writing a recent phenomena ? Not really, probably more than a decade old . My twitter presence since 2008 has only accentuated it. The cure for writing good is reading more, writing even  more and writing it out in open. Of not being afraid to manage ignorance & think aloud in the open. I juggle  between private and public blog. A good question which would concern many  first time bloggers would be - What to keep private and what to post publicly ? There is no one right answer. It depends. It is determined individualistically. I like Seth Godin's style of writing  for brevity, insights ,wisdom and business context. And then , there is Twitter to experiment with writing in bite sized chunks for easy consumption. I read somewhere , there are more writers in America today than there are readers. I guess, Twitter was invented for bite sized writing and cascading stories in 140 format :-)

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  1. hi Ruchi, very nice brief on the writing for the web, and i feel the 140 characters format of Twitter is actually a good challenge, especially for people who like to talk a lot, like me :)


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