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Sir Ken Robinson on "Do schools kill creativity" ?

Few Learning from the video " Changing Education Paradigms"
1. Every country is reforming public education system for 2 reasons
a) economic - how do we prepare our children for new century
b) cultural - how do we preseve cultural identify in a flat , globalized world

2. Raise standards of education system ,really, we should, why should you lower them ? ( laughter)

3.Problem is Current system of education system was designed, conceived, structured for a different age ,

4. Conceived in economic circumstances of industrial revolution,before 19 century no public education systems,
public education was paid for by taxation, compulsory to everyone, free at point of delivery was a revolutionary idea,
many people objected to it , they said its not possible that street kids who are not able to read and write will not benefit from it and why should we spend time on it ? assumptions
about social structures capacity , This created we-versus them mentality.

5. Model of education system was based on economic and intellectual pillars. Driven by economic imperative of the time.

6. Real intelligence consisted in certain type of deductive reasoning & knowledge of classics what we come to think of it as academic ability

7. Consequence of that is many briliant people think they are not smart ( if they are not academic/ intellectual )

1. Modern Epidemic is fictitious , ADHD is a non real epidemic in US ?
2. Divergent Thinking is a precursor to creativity
3. Collaboration is the key to success outside schools
4. Schools still run on production line approach suited to industrial age.
5. Change is required in public education systems around the globe which nurtures creativity, natural abilities of children to suit the information age
6. Can we make our learning process so engaging which enhances aesthetic experience of the learner ?
7. Why do we still categorize students as per their age group or tenure not as per their abilities ?


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